Sydney Pest Control and Bee Removal

Sydney Pest Control and Bee Removal

About Our Pest Control

We are Different: Our thorough approach to treating and preventing the return of pests is our difference. We strive to set industry benchmarks are and known for our commitment to improving the education, safety and practices of pest technicians.

Not satisfied with the quick-fix approach, our pest control service is founded on safe, ethical methods that get rid of pests and work towards preventing their return.

The Pest Control Co. Aust. was established to do the right thing, by customers, by the environment and for public health. The Pest Control Co. Aust. practises the highest standards of ethical responsibility and business professionalism. The greatest reward we enjoy is to have your trust and confidence in us to give you the right advice and do the right job, the right way.

Who We Are:

Founded by John Dedes, a keen amateur bee-keeper and family man, our foundation is rooted in his experience in business improvement practices and care for the environment. This approach means that your home or business is assessed from a holistic and risk assessment focus, rather than a “spray and go” job.

He is a committee member of the Urban Pest Management Industry Training Advisory Group NSW (PMITAG) and is heavily involved in shaping and training pest management technicians of the future.

Knowing the bees in our world are at risk, John’s research into the state of Australia’s pest management industry and its effect on local bee populations has spurred him on, creating a pest management service for Sydney that acts professionally, safely and with human and environmental health at its pinnacle.

To see how our Bee Removal Service benefits the environment, watch the below video

What We Do:

  • Do what we say we will do.
  • Believe ongoing training and development is the key to best practice.
  • Keep safety top of mind.
  • Provide detailed pest treatment reports and recommendations on how to reduce the risk of infestations.
  • Provide detailed compliance packs for all commercial sites.
  • Adhere strictly to Australian Standard, Building Codes and Worksafe regulations.
  • Provide the same technician to attend same site at all times.
  • Provide commercial site inductions and walkthrough of technicians.
  • Present the highest level of professional appearance.
  • Keep clean and respect your home, business and property.
  • Undertake regular commercial site inspections to ensure services are meeting expectations.
  • Are attentive to particular sensitivities of residents occupying the building being treated.
Bee Removal Service